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Recruit a unique roster of important figures, form volatile alliances and fight epic battles as you vie for military and political dominance in Partisan, from Earth Former Games.


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Partisan is a 1 - 2 player asymmetric deck building game, where players balance international relations and morale in a bid to assert dominance over the Nations of the Earth Former universe.

Play as Orcades, a power hungry nation keen to prove their worth, or Colonia Lindis, who have been the dominant power for a long time, and now face a change in the status quo.

On your turn, you can take one of three actions:


Play cards for the actions listed on them. Various abilities will allow you to manipulate a number of trackers depending on your end goal. To win the game, Orcades need to move along the International Relations track all the way to War, whilst Colonia Lindis want to move in the opposite direction toward peace.


Use your cards to bring more powerful cards into their deck. Players can pull from unique, asymmetric deck sets made up of three power levels – your Starter cards, your Prominence cards and your Dominance cards. Starter cards may only be used to Recruit Prominence cards, which in turn can be used to bring Dominance cards into your deck, ramping up your power and options as the game progresses.


Compare strength should your opponent choose to fight back, but beware, as even a successful battle can leave you weakened, and open to an attack.

Partisan is designed by Todd Philps and with art from Michael Watson Designs.



Earth Former Games is a London based Board Game Publisher. Our goal is to provide a fun and innovative tabletop experience for gamers who enjoy making choices that matter from the first to the last turn.

Todd Philps is the founder of Earth Former Games. He set up the company with a desire to bring his ideas to life, and help spread his lifelong passion for gaming to as many people as possible.

In his spare time, you’ll find Todd hoarding dice as an RPG Games Master, or rearranging the games in his Kallax to justify his recent purchase.



Portsmouth Games Fest: 14/09/24 - 15/09/24


In the Earth Former Universe, it has been 1,200 years since the destruction of Planet Earth. The few people that survived made their homes on what remained – 13 shards of the once complete planet, that in time became known as The Positions.

While there has been some level of peace for a long time between the Positions, it was near inevitable that this wouldn’t last. Colonia Lindis have been the dominant power for many years, and while their hands-off approach to international relations is respected by those who appreciate autonomy, others wish they would step in and help out more often.

Orcades believe that it’s time for a change, and that it’s their turn in the spotlight. For Orcades the end goal is more important than anything else, and they will use any method necessary to reach it, as any sacrifice now will be repaid when they have the power.